Some 3D components are showing, some are not (solved)

The 3D viewer shows some (most?) components, but not all. In the example here the terminal is showing, but the pin header isn’t. I’ve looked at the .wrl file of the header, and that displays fine in a separate VRML viewer. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? I use KiCAD 4.0.5 on macOS 10.9.5, and I had the same problem with KiCAD 4.0.2.

I’ve already found the problem, the 3D settings refer to ‘Pin_Header_Straight_1x02_Pitch2.54mm.wrl’, but that file does not exist. The reference should be to ‘Pin_Header_Straight_1x02.wrl’, with the appropriate scale factor. Isn’t this a problem on other platforms?

Confirmed. Looking at this when they renamed the part to include the pitch there’s a typo so instead of it referencing Pin_Headers.3dshapes/Pin_Header_Straight_1x02.wrl it looks to Pin_Headers.3dshapes/Pin_Header_Straight_1x02_Pitch2.54mm.wrl which doesn’t exist.

I just pulled up a design that includes it (JP1 centre near top of the PCB) and from the project the pin header is visible…

Until I changed the footprint to stop using the cached one, and imported the same one you’re using there:

And it vanishes.

Might be worth reporting it on the github? I don’t see it listed yet, but worth reconfirming my search before adding your report


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Are you using the most recent copy of the kicad-library?

The 3D packages have been renamed to match the new pin-header naming, see here:

In particular:

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You are right, I had not installed the new library-files.