[SOLVED] V6 PCBNew How to hide A4 rectangle?

This is first time I run V6 to see how my V5 projects will look like.
As in V5 you were not able to change the origin position I made kicad_wks file containing only small cross at 0,0 position and located my PCB around that point.
When opening my PCB file with V6 I see:

I know it is not a problem for V6 projects as you can position them inside A4 and move origin there.
But my V5 PCBs would look better if there were no that A4 rectangle.
Is it possible to hide/delete it?
As I installed V6 few hours ago it is possible I don’t know something obvious.

My kicad_wks:
mm0.kicad_wks (329 Bytes)

Preferences–>PCB-editor–>Editing-options–>Miscellaneous–>Show Page limits

As in V5 you were not able to change the origin position

Should be possible with
Albeit I use also the “old style” with a *.wks-file containing only a cross at (0,0) (like your worksheet)

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Thanks. I expected I don’t know something obvious :slight_smile:

you can also hide it in the layer viewer

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So there were at least 2 solutions and I didn’t found any one of them :slight_smile:
In layer viewer I was searching for Background (as I work with white background) but I see that I can got what I want with Preferences - PCB Editor - Colors.

Now I am only doing first recognition as the PC I am using we will bet from scratch shortly.


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