[SOLVED] Ubuntu 18 not installing latest version of KiCad V6

Hi there,

I installed KiCad on Ubuntu 18.04 using the instructions on the kicad.org website (add ppa). I seem stuck on 6.0.4 . Ubuntu Software Center (and terminal as well) lists it as the latest version, even though 6.0.7 is out for a month now.

Any ideas what I can do?
(I know this would probably rather be a question for the ubuntu forums, but I feel more at home here)

Cheers ff

Hi, I cant help but I experience the same on LINUX Mint. It seems that the ppa for Ubuntu 18 simply doesnt contain the new Program (!) versions. I get only updates for libraries and docs …
My Laptop with a newer LINUX MINT receives 6.07

This is because KiCAD v6.0.5++ require a newer version of some packet, which is not available anymore (libboost is outdated, but I had the same problem with my outdated Ubuntu). So either you upgrade your system or you can use the Flatpak-Version of KiCAD.

Edit: there is the bug report: KiCAD 6.0.5 ppa build failed (#33) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Packaging / kicad-ubuntu-builder / KiCad Daily Package · GitLab

Yep, your Ubuntu is too old and unsupported. You need 20.04 LTS or newer.

18.04 is still supported until 2023 as it’s an LTS release. However that’s only for official Ubuntu packages. KiCad is not one.

Pretty sure there’s a KiCad 6.0.7 package for ubuntu 6.0.7 in the KiCad ppa.

Nope. Autobuild fails because of the deprecated version of libboost. See above mentioned issue.

Ah nevermind, the ubuntu package site is just literally horrible

Yep, I totally agree… :smiley:

I don’t have any issue with the kicad.org Ubuntu install. Follow the instructions, it works right away.

“supported” does not necessarily mean it will update to newer libs. actually ubuntu LTS tent to stuck in some very old packages.

Of course not. I was just pointing out 18.04 LTS is supported for 5 years by Ubuntu’s definition. As many people know, this is a familiar conflict between having a stable set of packages and having recent packages. That’s why there are many flavours of Linux for every taste from the conservative to the thrill seeking.

I realize the same behavior here last month. Also the Nightly available to Ubuntu 18.04 is quite old.

I also use Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04, both have the up-to-date stable and nightly KiCad packages.

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