[SOLVED] Transformer models in simulation

Hi all!
These days I’m playing with kicad 5 rc2 in particular my focus is on the integrated simulator. And it was a nice surprise, it is good even if it is still a child…
After many tests with transistors, diodes and op-amp I’m stuck, due to my incompetence on pspice models, on the transformers.

Is there anyone who can help me?

This isn’t really a KiCad question, so you’re better off searching for PSpice references. For example, a search for “model transformer in pspice” turns up this:

SPICE has no model for an ideal transformer. An ideal transformer is simulated using mutual inductances such that the transformer ratio N1/N2 = sqrt(L1/L2).

I’ve already found a lot of documentation about pspice models. The simplest is the ideal transformer model like this:

.subckt TRAIDE 1 10 2 20

  • a=8
    V1 1 5 DC 0
    ES 5 10 2 20 8
    FS 20 2 V1 8

But if I link this model to a 4 poles symbol the system doesn’t compile the circuit and the answer is always the same
“Too few parameters for subcircuit type “traide” (instance: xxt1)”

Correct implementation of CENTER-TAPPED TRAFO on KiCAD
using SUBCKT idealized mutual inductance and coupling factor


Thanks a lot Paul,
your example helped me to found out the solution.
The mistake was in the edited symbol, the pin numbers were excanged with the pin names.


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