[SOLVED] The template is not adopted

A plate is to be made
( picture 1 ):
which fits over the shaft ( picture 2 ):
only there problem as you can see, that is not taken over at picture 3,
Is there a possibility or a trick, because one comes there no further… :confused:


You need to use the Edge.Cuts layer for the central cut out, not just the outline.

For example . . .

Thanks for your Response

I know and already do. problem is. circle inside circle outside works perfectly. but kiCad 7 does not make a circle on the outside and taper on the inside

You must use the Edge.Cuts layer for the central cut, not just the outline.

It was done, but doesn’t work that way.
So edge.cut no matter how does not work…

Example Picture. Middle Circle Vs Middle Taper

Here for testing und Downloading .rar file

You can now attach the file directly.

schleifradplatte.rar (268.6 KB)

Look in 3D . . .


Then run the DRC . . .


Then look at your footprint . . .


You need to use lines . . . not rectangles.

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Problem found, lines 1, 2 and 3 must not be single lines, as continuous lines it works. Thank you for everything


You are most welcome :slight_smile:


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