(SOLVED) That special something that makes net-ties behave like net ties

What is the magic attribute that makes net ties behave like net ties?
I think i have found out in the past but completely forgotten…

In the footprint-properties-dialog, second pane (clearance and overrides settings), you could specify pads which are allowed as net-tie-pads.

Look at library jumper, packages “solder-jumper” as example.

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V6 used a hack with “net tie” keyword but v7 is as mf_ibfeew says. You have to define explicitly which pads can be shorted.

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yes, i think that i was using that previously, a remember something related to special naming.

Earlier releases too. The snag was that ALL the pins could be shorted without DRC warnings.
The V7 approach with a list of allowed shorts is useful for SMD power packages and Kelvin sense resistors

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