[Solved] Template for ANY new project?

For the Schematics, already since the 6.0, I asked if there was anything to create a template that is taken to EACH new project, without being constrained each time to select it.

Is it implemented in the 7.0.0? I ask it because I don’t find this feature.
perhaps is buried somewhere else and/or it’s called in a different way than what I expect


Is there not anything about this?

Hello, I found this video: Use Templates In Kicad V6 To Save Time | Voltlog 400 - YouTube
It shows how to create template in Kicad 6. But could not find anything similar related to KiCad 7.

I think the question isn’t how to use templates, but how any newly created project will have your chosen template already (without manually selecting your favorite one each time).

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Exactly. It was something opened already from version 6 … in the very beginning

Oh. I think this thread is about something similar to what you’re looking for. You can check this out if you already have not:

FOr the PCBs I have nto problem with tempaltes, I already created one, for instance, to have the PCB format of a 500 Series Audio

What I want i sin both Schematics and PCB: I want to create a template of the drawing that includes my logo, my data, my “what I want”, into the lower right corner of the design …

And each time I click on NEW PROJECT, it goes directly to that template, without:

  • asking to it
  • going to looking for it
  • wasting time to search on how to tell to KiCAD: use that template. Stop!

and so fare, I don’t see anything like this in the version 7.0.0 either.

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I’ve posted how to make a Template and the basics are still valid - just need to go through the steps… posted here

Sure, you may need to tweak something and read the follow-on posts top get clarifiications but, it’s all there and it Still Works.

I don’t use v7 and won’t until the bugs are gone (perhaps 6 months from now…). But, I don’t see why it wouldn’t still work in v7.

Here’s a demo video (Note: I don’t need a graphic but, for this demo, I added one to the Template…

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So you mean I can make templates also for schematics just in the same way I did it for PCBNew? (it’s what I got into the video you kindly have made)

Yes, Schematic and PCB use the same Template Worksheet. You noticed they have a custom Legend containing the Image of a cartoon face

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yes indeed. Since i watched your video I’m working ot this. And indeed the Templates is working fine.
Now I have to discover how to change the title-block. I mean rows and sizes.

You have me a tremendous help. Thank you so much

EDIT/ I discovered the .WKS (WorkSheet) files. Now it’s ok. Again: thank you so much


Yes, The project template includes your defaults for the schematic editor and PCB editor. I use it in v6. What I would like is to save my template as a “factory” default (so I can just “start a new project” instead of “starting a new project from a template” and each time choose the same template).
Maybe one day…

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I asked the Factory Default (right, this is the correct term) since the 5.xx) … that’s why I’m surprised in the 7.0.0 such feature is not delivered.

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It was not “delivered” because nobody built this in time for the feature freeze. This is something I want myself and it’s on my list for this year to implement it, but I find the attitude where you want something and then are surprised that someone else hasn’t already made it for you, for free, rather disappointing. These things take effort.


Where did you ask? Did you ask on a GitLab feature request? If no, then you have nothing to be complaining about.

If yes, did someone volunteer to develop it yet? If no, then you have nothing to be complaining about.

If someone volunteered to develop it, did you pay them to deliver it by a certain KiCad version? If no, then you have nothing to be complaining about.

I suspect you have nothing to be complaining about :slight_smile:


If the software is free, complaining is free, too. :smirk:


Indeed. I often noticed this and when I remarked it: there was a thunderstorm of “not trues”.
And in deep: there is always “if it’s free” etc … or worse “you get for the value you pay” … which is really firingback with the ones would like to make any money offer.

@craftyjon I did ask as well. I don’t recall where exactly because it was in the beginning of the version 6.0.0.
I do remember I came first here. Probably thy suggested me GitLab and so far I remember I think I have requested it up there.
not clue how to research this on GitLab honestly. It’s not my cup-of-tea up there.

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