[SOLVED] Shorted vias between power layers

I seem to have some vias on my 4-layer board that are shorted to both the +3.3V and GND—at least that is how it appears on my screen.

If I move a part the parts move, but the keepout zones for the vias do not.

Here is the picture on my screen. What am doing wrong?

You have not enabled the “automatically refill zones” option, so you need to press B to refill zones every time you want to see them updated.

That did it. Just need to find how to enable the auto-refill.

Thank you for the quick reply!!!

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Preferences > PCB Editor > Editing Options

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Fixed. Thank you, again!

I would not call it “fixed” :slight_smile:
Do you really want KiCad to calculate zones so often making it being not so fast acting as it can be?
Typically I work with “Show only zone boundaries” being selected and switch to “Show filled areas of zones” only sometimes.

On smaller boards and with fast computers, the speed is not an issue in my experience.

Good point on the speed. We will see, given the size/density of my board and how my M1 Max handles it.

Doesn’t appear to be a factor for me.

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