[SOLVED] Removed teardrops added with plugin

So I want to use the native teardrops moving forward, but in 7.0 I it doesn’t remove the teardrops added with the plugin and I can’t open my board in 6.0 anymore, and the 6.0 plugin doesn’t appear to work in 7.0!


I never really used the teardrop plugin (Maybe 5 minutes for some test?), but I guess it creates zones for the teardrops.

Set the selection filter in the lower right corner to zones only, and you should be able to get them all fairly quickly.

You can also make use of adding or removing other zones from the selection by holding the [Ctrl] key. Alternatively, you can first lock zones you want to keep, uncheck the Locked items, and then select the whole board and delete them.

Also, it never hurts to have a backup, especially with potentially damaging operations it gives at least peace of mind, for if [Ctrl + z] does not work for some reason.


That’s the trick I needed I only have a ground zone anyway.

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