[Solved] Problem with electrical connection of symbols

Hi, I just drew a new symbol that has internally connected pins. However, the network classes are not drawn through. It has nothing to do with hidden or shown pins.

Brown and blue are conductors marked with net classes. Green is undefined mesh.

The connection inside a symbol is purely graphical and does not change anything with the connection of nets. if you want them to be connected you have to do it by using a wire in the schematic. If you want each side to have different net names but the same net class you can get there in to ways:

  • add them both manually to the same net class
  • have their net names similar enough so you can use patterns. example: net names are my_awesome_net1 and my_awesome_net2, setting a netclass pattern like my_awesome* or my_awesome_net* will catch both

I addressed the issue on Gitlab and now understand why it doesn’t work.
Can you give me a picture, so I can understand what you mean?

so as you can see my nets have different colors because they are assigned to different net classes here:

I catch both of the awesome nets with one simple pattern in the netclass assignments (I added a * at the beginning as well as local labels add a / at the start of the net name, just adding the /would have also worked)

the schematic if someone needs to take a better look:

test.kicad_sch (29.0 KB)

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