[solved] Problem with a 3d model not showing up

I have a problem with a 3d model not showing up in the 3d properties in kicad footprint editor. This is a machine-pin socket that I am hacking into an array. I got a file from samtec and extracted a single pin in win/solidworks, then made an assembly with a linear array of pins, and saved as step ap214 format. The step file opens fine in sw.

Then I moved it to my linux/kicad box. It also opens fine here on freecad:

But trying to add it in kicad footprint editor properties (which I have done for many other step files I have scrounged or made) it does not appear:

I am clearly doing something wrong. Here is the step file:
J_header_6P_1x6_100mil-machine-recessed.step (64.6 KB)

And before someone says why don’t you just use the strip versions of those machine-pin sockets: this is for when I need a low-profile connector, and I cut the machine-pins out of a strip or ic socket, nip off the bottom pin, and the barrel fits down into fat pads in the board. Not a production application, but has its uses. Anyway, the step file is a mystery and perhaps is due to it being an array of individual parts.

If there’s a problem with a step file it can often be cured by exporting from freecad with the stepup workbench.

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The step file with kicad 7.0 testing version opens correctly.
It is very out of centering but is visible on the left if the view is as far away as possible.
It is red.

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You can adjust the position manually to visualize the 3D model on top of the PCB. See approximate positions on the picture.

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Ahh, I did not think the origin was so far off – if I had zoomed back I would have seen it. Now I need to find out why it shows up as red. It was yellow in solidworks and gray in freecad. I am pretty new to 3d modeling but have a good mentor who is teaching me solidworks. Freecad also looks great (and I love foss) but that learning curve will have to wait for another day.

Thanks all.