[solved] Printing vs Plotting

Hello everyone,

I want to print my current PCB and tried ‘Print’ so I can print all necessary layers on on sheet. Unfortunately the ouput (SVG or PDF) looks very pixelated.

When I use plot the output looks fine, but I did not find an option to print multiple layers on one page. Is this possible?


For me Export to SVG works well.

I do have a printer, but I rarely use it these days.
If I wanted to make some custom conbination of views / layers on paper I would propably print or plot to files first and then use an external graphics program to combine (parts of) those plots on a single sheet.

export to SVG gives the result I want -> Multiple layers, 1:1, color

Thank you very much

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It is the way we are doing doccumentations since 20 years and I hate it. When I decided to try to use KiCad one of my ‘must have’ was to get these pictures directly.

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