[solved] Pin with wrong connection


Hi all,

I am using Kicad 4.0.7.

My problem is on my schematic I did not connected a pin to another but on the PCBnew the pin is somehow connected to a pin which I do not want to. I post an image about the matter.

I have edit and generate the netlist and also in PCBnew reload the netlist and change the footprint, still the same result.

I not sure what I have made a mistake.

Any feedback or comment will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Which pins are connected in pcb_new? Maybe use the highlight net tool to show us that. (the 4 pads you show in your screenshot all are connected to a different nets. Did you show the “corrected” version?)

And you might want to show a larger area of the schematic such that we might be able to see a problem.


Somewhere on your schematic you have applied the label “INTVC1” to a net also connected to GND. KiCad picks one name.


May I ask is this the culprit?


Yes that would cause the problem.


Thank you @bobc and @Rene_Poschl, I’ll go fix it and see if that is the case.


OMG, Thank you very much @bobc and @Rene_Poschl!!!

I was staring at my schematic for hours and I could not figure out what went wrong.



I wish KiCad would flag an error for that, it’s an easy mistake to make.


I see no reason why connecting two or more conflicting net names shouldn’t cause an ERC warning


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