[SOLVED] PCBNew schematics printed on PCB SilkScreen?

On a video made by Elektor, I saw they were able to put the Schematic on the silkscreen of the PCB.

Here the link please:

For the same kind of didactic purpose, I’m interested to understand how to do it.
I asked in the comments of the video, but I didn’t get any feedback yet, so I ask here, perhaps there is somebody was able to do the same.

  • in eeschema: copy the interesting part of the schematic to a completely new (empty) schematic sheet.
  • eeschema–>File–>Plot
    • output format: DXF
    • plot drawing sheet: off
    • output mode: black & white
    • Plot only current Page
  • afterwards in pcbnew:
  • File–>Import graphics
    • choose the schematic-dxf-file
    • play with import-scale - depends on board-size and schematic-symbol-sizes
    • set default-line-width == 0.006 inch. This valuie is used because the eeschema-DXF-exporter doesn’t write the eeschema-wire-width into the dxf-file.
    • set import unit: inches (because eeschema works with inches)


Simply fantastic! Thank you a zillion @mf_ibfeew it worked at the first try :slight_smile:

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