[Solved] Only some zones get filled


I am trying to create a ground (GND) and a power plane in my design.

GND is layer 2, which is the yellow fill in the picture I’ve posted.

Power plane is layer 3, and I’m trying to split this into 2 separate zones. One connected to a net named VCC and the other connected to another named VAA. The power plane fill is pink in color.

As you can see, when I press “B” to fill all zones, only the VCC connected zone (on the right) gets filled, but the VAA zone is left blank. Also note the VCC zone gets filled right upto the border on the left. I’ve not observed this happen, since there is usually always a gap between the boundary and the filled zone.

I am unable to figure out what I’m doing wrong here.

There needs to be a pad or track on that layer within that zone with the same NET as the zone to be able to fill.
Otherwise it won’t fill.
I’d assume none of the footprints in that zone with PTHs have NET VAA on any of their pins.

A fill in a zone only backs up when it encounters:

  • an outline
  • another zone with a higher priority (*)
  • a pad/via of foreign NET
  • a track of foreign NET

*) priority tells KiCAD which zone is master and which slave… and that for several levels. Also note that overlapping zones with same priority don’t fill either, if I remember correctly

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This was the exact problem. The zones filled up the moment I added the required PTH. Also, I had changed the VAA zone priority to 1, thinking maybe low priority was the reason why that pour wasn’t working.

Thank you for the help!