[Solved]No nightlies (7.99) since May 20th. Any info? Just curious

Nightlies are stalled since May 20th. Has anyone info about that?

Which OS?
Windows Nightly from 21/22 May is the latest available on the KiCad website at the moment.


For MacOS there is one from “yesterday” with a commit number from 23 May.


I haven’t checked other Linux distros, but fedora has a nightly from 24 May in the copr kicad repository.

Perhaps you mean Ubuntu?

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Oh, sorry, forgot: Win 11.
It’s the sorting order again. I use KiCad Downloads I always look at the bottom of the list out of habit…
Happened already a few times.
Old dog, new tricks etc…:smile:
Sorry for the noise.

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