[SOLVED]No Library Editor on Mac Monterey 12.2.1

I think this is a software issue. I’m trying to follow tutorials to develop a LM324 component so I see the pins on my schematic, but there seems to be no library editor on my tools menu.

New user issues, I’m sure.

I’d guess you’re following a tutorial for an older version, and the terminology and icons have changed in v6.

It’s this button / menu entry.

Also available from the main project manager window:

If you’re following an old tutorial, the symbol editor (formerly known as libedit/library editor) has changed a decent amount in the last few years so it may not match the tutorial. It should be a lot more intuitive and easy to figure out now, but it may not match the tutorial you’re looking at.

I’m making progress! You are helping. Should I delete this comment now, since I realize how elementary it is? And - Thank you!

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No need to delete! Maybe someone else will find this useful.

It’s confusing when there’s a lot of outdated material out there and you don’t yet know enough about the software to sort through it.


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