[SOLVED] No acsensors (Scroll Bars) in schematic nor pcb

With the new version of Kicad (7.0.6), I haven’t vertical or horizontal lifts in schematic editor and in PCB editor ! I am looking for someone who can help me ! HELP !

I work on Lenovo-V17-G2-ITL with Ubuntu 22.04.2.

What’s a “lift” in this context?

I don’t know the exact word to define an ascensor, a lift or ??? In French : ascenseur ! the thing at the right or bottom side of the schema or the PCB which let us to move the schematic or PCB up or down relative to the screen ! is it clear enough like that ?

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Ah, scroll bars. Mine work fine in 7.0.6. What’s your issue?

Preferences–>common–>Show scrollbars in editor.

Setting needs closing + restarting of kicad after the change.

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Why didn’t I think about that workaround? :rofl:

OK ! thanks, that works fine. have a good journey. How can i close the post ?

Edit the title to include (solved).

I have seen them called elevators, aka lift:

“get out of the lift”

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