[SOLVED] Multiple Groups on a Buss

I want to have 3 groups with 16 members each on a Bus. OUTA[0…15], OUTB[0…15] and OUT[0…15].

How do you name the bus so that all members are seen?

you could write: {OUTA[0…15] OUTB[0…15] OUT[0…15]}

note: only two points between 0…15, not three (the third point is added by the forum software)

Mod edit:
I’m adding this to your post so you can see the syntax. Typing it out isn’t very clear.

you could write: {OUTA[0..15] OUTB[0..15] OUT[0..15]}
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newline backick

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Perfect, thanks, I tried looking for this info everywhere, it was hard to find.

Thanks again!

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