[SOLVED] Mapping symbols to IPN?

I’m using inventree to keep track of stock and project BOM’s which is working really well.

In KiCad I’ve setup a additional symbol field called IPN. This is then used in my custom BOM generation script where a csv file is generated listing IPN, refernce, value and quantity.

I then import the csv file into inventree where the IPN number is matched to the stock IPN number I have setup in inventee and the parts list is auto generated for the project.

The issue I have is obviously none of the standard KiCad parts have a IPN number and I can’t edit KiCad’s default symbols (without creating a copy)

The only option I can think of is create a copy of all the parts I use in KiCad (and populate the IPN). This seems like a lot of work with duplication. Is there some other method I can use which I’m not thinking of?

Currently I create the new schematic in KiCad and copy and paste the IPN from inventree into KiCad which is far from ideal.

KiCad v7 supports a database correct? Would using this make things easier?

(Never used the database function in KiCad but very familiar with MySQL)

Yes, this is exactly the kind of problem the database libraries feature is designed to solve.


Thanks. Time to do some reading up on how this all works.

This looks lke a good place to start:

Nice, up and running in 30 mins. What a great feature.