[SOLVED]KiCad FET Library - need 3SK164 symbol

Hi everyone!
I am quite new to KiCad but I think it is a pretty impressive piece of software. I am trying to find a library of FETs such that I can add a 3SK164 FET to my schematic. Can anyone advise on which libraries I should look at or a way I can import this component.

I hope that this isn’t a duplicate post, I did search to make sure and couldn’t see anything.


The 3SK263 dual gate is in the default transistors library, then change VALUE to 3SK164

Ahhh fantastic! Thank you!

Hi again, can the layout of the pins be changed or relabeled? When I rename the VALUE to 3SK164 it does not match the layout in the data sheet

The important thing is pin function/pin number and how that maps to the footprint.
The arrangement of pins in the symbol is not relevant… let’s look at the datasheets…

Man, pdfs for that 3SK164 are hard to come by - seems out of production?!.

You’re right, you have to manipulate the symbol to match the pinout in the datasheet.

Load the 3SK263 symbol in the editor, then click on [create new component from current one], manipulate it and then click on [Save current component to new library].
KiCAD will tell you you need to load that custom library in EEschema, so you have to open it, click on

Preferences > Component Libraries

Then add the PATH in the middle section under ‘User defined search path’ click on the lower [Add] button.
Once that’s done add the LIBRARY under ‘Component library files’ by clicking on the upper [Add] button.

If you safe it to the library that is bound to github (where the 3SK263 came from) and KiCAD downloads that one again for whatever reason I think your work will get lost, thus it’s safer to make a custom library for this.

I also couldn’t find an official datasheet, you are aware this part seems to be no longer made?