[SOLVED] Kicad 7.0.2 Warning with DRC Check "Current Configuration does not include the library"


I’m using Kicad 7.0.2 on Ubuntu 22.04, now on pcbnew I fixed all my DRC warning and erros, but now I have the last 3 that I can’t get fixed. Those errors seem like are in the F.Silkscreen , F.Mask and the last one I don’t know where it is… any Idea?

It is not a silkscreen thing. it tells you, that these three components have no library assigned, so all of the library related checks in the DRC can’t be performed. if you go into the properties window of this three parts you should see that the library link at the bottom does only contain the components name, not any library. to fix this you could use the change footprint dialog for each of these three footprints to set them to a footprint in your libraries.

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This is the properties windows

And yes, I pressed the “Edit library footprint” and the image above is the result

No footprint loaded

Now the question is… which footprint I have to choose? Because one of the three of them is this:

and this is my F.Mask

that I can’t tell you because I don’t know how you got it into your design :sweat_smile:

If you don’t have the footprints in your libraries already it could be an idea to just generate a new one out of the layout with the Edit Footprint Button from the window above. just save it somewhere fitting in your libraries, fix the assignment and the error should be gone.

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i will try this, and let you know if I will fix it

1 Warning remaing, I can’t detect where this is…I remember there was a way to check like log or something else to understand what is causing this…






Thank you so much @Tojan :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm:

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