(solved) Is there a way to get dimensioned drawings of footprints from within KiCad nightly

Hi all,

i have been unable to play with nightly until quite recently so i am a bit out of the loop.

I have read here on the forum that there now is a new measurement system that allows making good dimensioned drawings. I was quite hopeful that it could now fully replace the need to export the footprint to an external tool but well with sadness i have realized that this tool is not in the footprint editor (i mean yes the inspect tool is now more useful there as it also snaps to pad corners but if i find an error i still need to document it with a drawing so i sadly still need to use a different tool than the footprint editor).

I then tried to open a footprint in pcbnew but it seems snaping to pads is not really working in the same way as it does in the footprint editor (i can not get the measurement tool to snap to for example pad corners like i can within the footprint editor). Do i miss something or have i had my hopes too high?

If the kicad internal tools are not working for my needs is there now at least any way to get dxf of footprints including the pads exported (i seem to be blind here)

For reference the workflow i was hoping to replace Tutorial: How to check footprint correctness? (Workaround for missing features in KiCad V5 and earlier)

Ok i did miss something. I needed to activate magnetic pads “always”.

Still sad that this tool is not available in the footprint editor though.

Bonus question:
any idea how to set the default sizes for dimensions?

And how can i decrease the size of the inspect tool? (the v5 size was quite ok, now the text is larger than most footprint features so quite hard to use)

There is no global option but one can set defaults per project under “File->board setup->Text & Graphics -> Defaults”

This at least works for me as i just setup a project with two of the user layers reserved for dimensions (one set to bright green for correct measurements and one to bright red for mistakes).

For reference, this is the result of my research here

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