[SOLVED] Is there a way to deselect elements?

in KiCAD, I see I can select multiple parts, as on any application, clicking Shift+Click and or CTRL+Click.

But if I wrongly select one part and I want to deselect it, it doesn’t work.I have to deselect everything and restart the selection.

Is there a way to deselect a single part?

Solved. See comment by @jmk

Ctrl + Shift + Click will get you there.

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Ctrl+Click is net highlight, not selection. It looks the same but it’s sticky, so you can keep a net of interest highlighted while using other tools.

Once you’ve net highlighted something, you can unhighlight it by ctrl+clicking in empty space. You can also use ~ to clear all net highlighting, or ctrl+` to toggle highlighting.

As @jmk says, shift+click to add to your selection and ctrl+shift+click to remove.

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