(SOLVED) How to solve DRC violations for planar spiral inductor footprint

I’m a complete newbie to KiCAD so hi all. I’m wrestling with getting rid of DRC errors in a planar spiral inductor footprint generated using a python script. At the moment I’m getting these clearance errors from a PTH (well, via, but I guess you cannot use a via in a footprint from what I’ve seen so far)

If I go to edit the footprint, I can go to the PTH properties, but then setting pad clearance to -ve also does nothing to remove the DRC error.

I’m also getting clearance errors from the pads

Have spent hours poking settings to no avail. Sorry to bother everyone, but any help in clearing this up would be super appreciated. The only thing in the schematic is this one inductor.

I guess this is totally bending design intent by using shapes to represent actual wires, so then the software has no idea what is supposed to be connected to what in terms of electrical connections, so it there a way to at least omit this footprint from the DRC entirely?

If you are under 7.x you can use this new feature (Pad groups allowed to short different nets):

this is similar (NFC antenna)

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Go Claudio!!!


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Some time ago I experimented a bit with it in the thread below. I also uploaded a small test project there.

I think the trick is to use pads as via’s, and in combination with the net tie thing.
Apparently Claudio’s answer was already sufficient :slight_smile:

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