SOLVED: How to pour a puddle of copper around a via without a cutout around the via

I have a footprint for a 2 x 18650 battery bank which has a VIN terminal/ connection via
I have poured copper as is seen in the two linked images.

I can do this successfully for the GND terminal, and punch through vias to ground, on the backplane, as shown, becasue GND has an assigned Net.
However I cannot create a Net named VIN in the “Copper zone properties” dialogue for whatever reason.

This means my copper pour is cut out around the VIN via and track and is thus unconnecteed with the VIN via which I intend to be connected with. This disconnect is shown by the arrow in the image. How do I fill around the via without this cut-out.

ps in the properties dialogue it shows the net selected as GND, but in reality I have <no-net> selected becasue VIN is not available. Can I add VIN as a net.

I went back to the schematic and
menu → place → net class directive label.
I named this label VIN and placed it between VIN and the +ve side of the battery bank.

… then …
keyed F8, which is update PCB from schematic

… then …
clicked back over to the PCB and selected the copper pour area and opened the properties dialogue. VIN now available as a net-class. Selected this and Ok to close the dialogue.

Keyed B to re-pour and the area is now filled with no cut out around the via!

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