[Solved] How to import missing units from symbol (if I forgot to place it initially)

Hello you dear people.

I was wondering, if there is a possibility to load a missing unit, in case I forgot to do it when I initially placed the first ones. E.g. I have a 4-units OpAmp with a fifth unit for power supply. I placed all OpAmps but forgot to (or later changed the symbol to have 5 units) place the 5th unit when I had my chance initially. Is there a way of doing this afterwards?

Furthermore, is there a way to link units together so I don’t accidentally re-annotate and get my units messed up?

Lastly, is there a way of highlighting units that belong together?


No problem. If you’ve already placed U1A, U1B, U1C, U1D and need U1E, just duplicate one (ctrl+D) and edit the properties.
Reannotating doesn’t change the A, B, C etc. suffixes, only the number designators.

Ah good idea. Thanks

And even if you don’t have another symbol with the same number on the schematic, you can add a symbol, editing the number and the unit.

If you have duplicates or missing units, ERC will tell you. Missing unit detection arrived in v7 though.

Yes, I had some messed up symbol names, where I had a power-supply-unit of one piece and the OpAmps of another piece and ERC told me that I had two pieces had missing units, so I changed the number of one unit of the symbol and everything was good (so both units belonged to the same piece/part). But I was scared that it messes up my numberings (and which-unit-belongs-to-which-part) so I hoped there was a way of “locking” units together. But my project is small, so I can manually check if everything stayed as it was supposed to.
Thanks everyone

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