[Solved] How to convert Polygons to tracks?


I saw a circuit with tracks that looks differently from just using the “Route Track” tool and would like to do something liket that. The only thing i could think of was using the “Polygon” tool to create my shape, then convert to track.

But when i tried it, the track only formed on the outline of the shape instead of the whole shape.

How can i achieve this please?


Create Zone from selection ?

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Thanks Raptor.

I never thought of it. It worked.

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You can add zone directly without going through graphic shapes.

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Yes Piotr. But i needed tracks that aren’t achievable with just route tracks so i have to use the polygon tool.


I just understood your comment. Because there are several amends to go through when drawing the shape, I thought it was better drawing the polygon shape, then fill.

How do i get rid of the clearance here as the holes is the same Net as the filled zone. I want it filled to the connection holes.

Position cursor at zone border and press E then investigate all settings you have there.

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Setting “Clearance” from 0.5 to 0. This was all acheived.


Are you sure that you have same net for that pad and for the zone. It look that your pad have no net but I’m not sure as may be some Preference setting makes net being not shown.
When you add zone the zone properties window opens and one of nets is highlighted suggesting that you should select the net for that zone. How it is when you converted graphic to zone - I don’t know - never tried.

The most logical explanation is that the zone and pad are not on the same Net. As Piotr was already alluding to . . .

This pad has a Net

Do these pads ?

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