[Solved] How to change "root library" for symbols in schematic?

I’m using Kicad 6, and I’ve decided to clean-up my project libraries. Suppose I have project library A which I want to use, and library B which I want to delete. I’ve copied all symbols from B to A and disabled B in the Library Manager.

But I still have a few symbols in my schematics which belong to B (according to Electric Rules Check). How can I change their root library to A? I’ve tried Update Symbol From Library … and then put in A, but this doesn’t do what I thought it does.

So how can this be done?

Edit–>Change Symbols
Tools–>Edit Symbol Library Links

Without warranty (I have not used these functions for a long time).


I found this easier.
It lists all the symbols and their current libraries so it is easy to see which symbols in which libraries need changing.

I’ll warranty Mf_ibfeew’s comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perfect, thank you very much!

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