[Solved] How to add holes to footprint?

Hello everyone!

I’m making a small project, where I had to add footprints for some modules.
It was not a problem to find a dimensions and location of pads, but how to add holes to footprint?
Those holes are for spacers and mounting nuts of module.

P.S. I’m using KiCAD 5 (build kicad-r10606.0013e0cad)


KiCad V5 has not been released yet; you are using a Release Candidate of some nightly build.

I’m not certain if holes are treated very much different than they have been treated in the past. I created the following post so that I could document for myself how to work through the issues of creating mounting holes.

One significant change to the V5 RC’s is that “creating and reading” the Netlist is no longer required. I have not yet tested NPTH mounting holes since also using a V5RC of KiCad.


If you find anything different from my old post, please let me know! Documenting these things helps every user of KiCad.

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Add the holes as circular pads, type “NPTH, Mechanical”, copper the same diameter as the drill, and don’t give them pad numbers. Actually, once you select NPTH as the pad type the pad number should ghost out and what ever value that was there won’t be saved.


Thanks to both of you. It worked.

In case if anybody would need a dimensions for mounting holes:

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