[solved] How to add 2 pcb in 1 pcb?

I explain what i want to do : I have two pcb’s created with pcbnew and I want to make only one pcb to reduce manufacturing costs. Someone has an idea?
Thanks for your help.

How complicated are your pcbs?
Can you recreate one easily?

I think there is/was a script around that could do that… pcbnew itself lacks the tools needed afaik (as it’s purpose is to create one pcb per project, starting with the schematic).

There is also external tools that are able to combine gerber files.

PS: I usually start with a copy of the most complex board and pull in the schematics of sub-boards into this “new” ‘panel’-project… then recreate the easier sub-boards in a panel outline (usually 100mm x 100mm).

If you open PCBNEW directly (not from the KiCad navigator window), then you can open one of your board files and then use the File => Append Board menu command to add the other board. Then you can modify the edge cuts to create a single board from those.


I am not sure if i understand your question.

You mean you want to panelize your PCB? In other words you have two different kicad projects and you want to merge them into one set of gerber files?

You can do that in Pcbnew with the “File->Append Board” function. Just open one PCB, do “File->Append Board”, navigate your second board, click “open”. If you do this the first time i strongly suggest you to backup your project folder beforehand.

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Yes, someone are hard !!
but i found THE solution with devbisme (see the message after your’s).
Thanks for your help.

Thanks devbisme, it’s all what i want to do ! I tried this solution and all is Ok. Thanks for your help.

Hello blabla123,
devbisme gave the solution. It is the same like your one.
Thanks for your help.
How can I close the discussion ?

No need to close anything… if you want to signal that your problem is solved just add a [solved] to the title by editing it in your first post at the top there…

If other people keep posting after that it usually is more details or someone else having trouble implementing your solution.
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So no worries, we got you covered.