[Solved] Has anybody a better 3D model of this terminal block?

I found an old version that didn’t get into v5 libraries because it’s incomplete.


and I can see why, it’s just the shape, no screws and no holes.

Thought I’d ask. If not, no problem, it’s just cosmetic, this is better than a couple of copper pads.

It looks pretty much like an standard Phoenix Terminal Block… I wouldn’t know the difference with a “bornier” kind, take a look here, he has many models to choose from:


Thanks. The mkds_1,5/2 (2-way 5mm pitch terminal block, Phoenix MKDS series) is closest to what I want and good enough.

these are the 3d models merged in the K library

Great. When will these be part of the standard distribution?

already there

Ok, I should upgrade sometime, I’m still on 5.1.5. But I’d rather leave well enough alone until 6.

They didn’t make it into 5.1.6, but they’re gonna be in 5.1.7 and 6.0.
You can always pull them from GitHub, though.

I know, it’s just a cost/benefit assessment: I haven’t encountered any showstopper bugs, and every minute I spend upgrading packages or setting up git is a minute taken away from fun. I don’t have to market anything, this is all for myself. If my distro (openSUSE) releases 5.1.7 packages I may avail myself of those.

Hi Maui,
How to get them ?
I found a link but for the whole lib. I’d just like to download the terminal blocks.

Attached were some of my first models for Kicad footprints. I use them often.

The 4-pin version is a Step file. No scaling needed when setting up into footprint.

The 2-pin version is a Wrl file and needs scaling value of 0.4 when setting up into footprint.

Why did I make a Step and Wrl? To test the differences with respect to using in Kicad. After I finished, I was lazy and did not bother to change out the wrl for a step and did not use Stepup plugin in FreeCad.

the 4-pin scale=0
the 2-pin scale=0.4

Someone will inform you 0.4 should be 0.39xxx but, that’s difference of less than the thickness of human hair, IMO why bother…

2-Pin_Block_P5.0.kicad_mod (1.7 KB) 4-Pin_Block_P5.0.kicad_mod (1.5 KB)

2_PIN_Block.wrl (170.9 KB) 4_PIN_Block.step (288.9 KB)

a list of packages3D downloadable separately

Thank you very much. I’m always confusing between github that refers to https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-packages3D and https://kicad.github.io/packages3d/.
What’s the link between them as well as the philosophy behind that to have two sites pointing, in this case, to identical items ?

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