[SOLVED] Global label renamed 5V and GND nets!


After doing some refactoring, I created global labels to connect MCU hardware revision GPIOs to another sheet.
In this sheet I set the GPIOs to 0 for PCB rev 1, 1 for PCB rev 2 and so on. I’m using 3 GPIOs named: VER_BIT0, VER_BIT1 and VER_BIT2.
What happened is that after connecting BIT0 to +5V, BIT1 and BIT2 to GND, now on the PCB, all the 5V nets and tracks have been renamed VER_BIT0, and GND tracks VER_BIT1.

I’m not sure why a global label would take precedence over a power label in the netlist. Assuming that’s a feature, would anyone know a workaround for this?


Deja vu all over again…!

There is a precedence for labels see [SOLVED] How do I override +3.3V with local label?

For my own reference I use the following table :

##Label Precedence - Highest first

  1. A global label
  2. A pin label (i.e. the “+3.3V” from a power pin)
  3. A hierarchical label
  4. A local label
  5. The name of a pin on a non-power component

I don’t think there is a way to override the precedence, the only workaround is to change the label type.


Thanks bob. I did see this topic, but I couldn’t figure out a workaround from the answers.

What I’m ending up doing is to get rid of these global labels (bad practice anyway) and moving these signals to hierarchical labels.

Thanks for the Label precedence table!


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