[SOLVED] Footprint Wizard - How to draw line on F.Fab layer [with script]?

I had been trying to create a script for the Footprint Wizard and i had found helpful information on comments of the scripts uploaded on this thread.
Also found some information on the “default” scripts, but i have not been able to find how to draw a line, circle, etc. on a specific layer, in my case i would like to draw the “Center of Gravity Origin” circle and cross lines on the F.FAB layer.

Searching on the FootprintWizardDrawingAids class code i had seen this function:

def SetLayer(self, layer):
Set the current drawing layer, used for subsequent drawing
self.dc[‘layer’] = layer

But i do not know how to specify the layer name, maybe a “F.FAB” string?

I’m pretty bad explaining, hope it’s clear.
Thanks in advance :smiley:

I have been reading more the FootprintWizardDrawingAids class code and found this function:

def Value(self, x, y, size, orientation_degree = 0):
As for references, draw the module’s value
text_size = pcbnew.wxSize(size, size)

    self.module.Value().SetPos0(self.TransformPoint(x, y))
    self.module.Value().SetOrientation(orientation_degree*10)   # internal angles are in 0.1 deg

On the self.module.Value().SetLayer(self.DefaultTextValueLayer()) function it gets another function return value:

def DefaultTextValueLayer(self):
    return pcbnew.F_Fab

So i think there’s the answer to draw in the F_Fab layer i must use pcbnew.F_Fab as parameter in the SetLayer function.



That will do the trick to set F_Fab layer, to draw on the F_CrtYd layer we must use pcbnew.F_CrtYd, then we can use:

self.draw.Line(-lim_x, -inner, -inner, -lim_y)

To draw a line on the selected layer, etc.

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