[Solved]Empty aperture list in V7 solder mask gerber output, round pads plotted as polygon

after moving two projects from KiCad V6 to V7, I notice that solder mask gerber in one project has empty aperture lists. Even round mask pads are plotted as filled polygon rather than flashed. The respective copper pads are flashed as before.

Is there any change in V7 gerber postprocess that can cause the effect? I didn’t yet find out why it happens only in one project. I observe the same behaviour in V7.01 and V7.02 release.

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Found that the problem is caused by setting solder mask minimum web width value > 0. Not obvious at first sight that the setting prevents any solder mask pad from being flashed. At least that didn’t happen in V6.

I wrongly understood the setting as a design rule constraint, but apparently it’s used to modify solder mask output by merging solder mask openings. So I can use default value of 0 without problems.

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