[Solved] Eeschema won't open

Hey there, I started getting this problem with Kicad 5.1.0. Installed 5.1.4 and it is still happening.
Whenever I click Eeschema it simply doesn’t open.
In my windows toolbar an eeschema window is created, but it has a blank (completely white) thumbnail and clicking on it doesn’t open anything.
Run as administrator doesn’t work.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Never run KiCad as administrator, or you will have future problems opening your projects.
  2. You say Eeschema, but you should open KiCad, select a project and then select the schematic from its toolbar
  1. Yep I have never run it as administrator until now after getting this problem.
  2. yes that is how i’ve been accessing eescheema. Open Kicad and click schematic from the toolbar. when I do that nothing opens.

Note that I’ve already completed full designs using Kicad without any issues. This is a new problem that has come out of nowhere.

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Does the symbol editor open? PCB_new? Does this happen with all projects? What about a completely new one?

If it is project dependent then make a bug report with the project attached (assuming you can share the affected project)

You can try to reset the kicad settings. For that make a backup of your settings folder and then delete it. Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)?

If that solves it then make a bug report attaching the backup of the settings folder and the new working folder.

Generally: sounds like a bug so you might as well make a report. The more information you can collect the better the chances your problem can be somehow fixed.

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Thank you! Deleting the Kicad settings fixed the problem.

For reference, everything else was working except eeschema, and it wasn’t project dependent.


Could you make a bug report with your settings folder as prompted above?

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