[solved] Display symbol pin name in footprint pad

Hello everyone,

I added a chip to my symbol library using this thread. I also added a standard footprint (SOIC14).
When the netlist is included in PCBnew the padnames do not line up with the names of the pins. Only the power pins (+5V, GND) are displayed. The other have the standard name (Net-P2-Pad2).

How can I associate the pinname to the padname?

Pads do not have names. What is displayed is the net name (In this case the one generated automatically by the netlist generator). You can add net names in the schematic using any label (safest option is a local label)

You could make a wishlist report to additionally (or alternatively) show the pin name inside the pad.

I have chosen net labels in the schematic. I did not know that they also name the pads.


They don’t. Pads have no name. It just so happens to be the case that kicad displays the netname in the pad (and also on traces but that is beside the point here). This is an important difference! If you connect two pads of different name (for example using a wire) then you will notice that both of them result in the same displayed name.

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