[SOLVED] Differential pair problem

I defined a differential pair, using the proper suffixes ‘+/-’ in the net names in a subsheet.
Connected it to the corresponding net in the top level sheet via hierarchical connectors.
The net correctly is shown at the respective components pins.
Netlist is correct:

(net (code 14) (name /YANC_Testrig_MCU/USBDP+)
(node (ref U2) (pin 33))
(node (ref P3) (pin 3)))
(net (code 15) (name /YANC_Testrig_MCU/USBDM-)
(node (ref P3) (pin 2))
(node (ref U2) (pin 32)))

where U2 is in the subsheet and P3 in the top level sheet.

Still pcbnew complains aboute not finding a differential pair. (Route->differential pair).

As a test I placed a pair connecting components residing in the toplevel sheet only -> works.

Did I get something wrong?

Try the same name for both nets. The + one ends with P and the - one ends with M.


@pedro: thanks, of course. I seem to be able to turn into a dude in microseconds occasionally :slight_smile: