[SOLVED] Differentail Pair thickness is wrong when routing USB

Hello All,

I am trying to route a differential pair and it always seems to pick the wrong thickness to start.
Here is what I am doing:

  1. Set up the differential pairs in board setup:
  2. Assigned nets to that named class:
  3. Set kicad to use the net class width:
  4. Start a diff pair routing with keyboard short cut 6:

No matter what I do in step 4, the default track width is 0.12mm (and not the 0.247mm as expected)
What am I doing wrong?

That’s because “Differential Pair” is “DP” and those have their own settings in the Board Setup :slight_smile:


Thank you. That solves the immediate problem.
But I still don’t get what the point of assigning the nets to a class is if reverts to “Default” class’ DP width and Gap
Or maybe it is just a workflow I need to get used to.
But once again, thanks. That solves my problem.

I think you missed something. Each class has two settings, one for “normal” tracks, and one for differential pairs.

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