SOLVED ... Did Geographical annotation - PCB & Schematic are now out of sync?


Still learning Kicad 6 …

Am I correct in my thinking that Geographical annotation when used in the ‘PCB editor’ and then do ‘update from Schematic from PCB’ should keep all components and nets BUT just change the reference to that part in the schematic, or am I wrong ?

I have designed a schematic and then laid out a PCB from it.
When I was happy with the layout I noticed that the Part ID’s were not sequential across the board.

Below shows a small part of the PCB design.

Was out of sink

I then did a ‘Geographical annotation’ from menu, all completed OK.

Now In sink

I then ran ‘DRC control’ and no problems, i then enabled the 'Test for parity between PCB & Schematic ’
I then got lots of errors …

I did try ‘update from Schematic from PCB’ and then a 3 pin device in schematic was linked to a 4 pin in the PCB etc … all components were mismatched

What have I done wrong ?

Thanks Gaz

What have I done wrong?

You used the false Cad-system. With Eagle it’s (nearly) impossible to get this kind of failure. (Now I will get many angry answers…)

hopefully a more helpful answer:
On your last step “update Schematic from PCB” you must disable the checkbox “Re-link footprints to schematic based on reference-deisgnator”

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Thanks mf_ibfeew

That was almost the solution, your 1st image is correct and here is mine, select as shown below
and then click on ‘Update Schematic’ button.


BUT I also had to do re-enable the Options selector … as seen below
and then again click on ‘Update Schematic’ button


Then I had no errors.

Thanks for your help !


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