[solved] Creating a new footprint library or module

Following mcf1foot1 - Making a new footprint at http://kicadhowto.wikidot.com/mcf1foot1 though it was written for an earlier version of KiCad. 4.0.2 is much prettier and I see there’s now a 4.0.4 version available.

I got my .kicad_mod file saved in my Libraries.pretty folder and I’m trying to add it to PCBnew. First thing I notice is the Preferences menu is different. I have Footprint Libraries Wizard as the top entry. I click that and get a file tree where I can find and select my .kicad_mod file, but when I select my file out of documents\kicad\libraries.pretty the next button remains grayed out.

Seems I have erred somewhere.

I’m using Windows 10 on a borrowed computer.

Remember: To err is human, to moo bovine.

Select the “libraries.pretty” folder then add that. The whole “.pretty” folder is the library, you can’t add individual kicad_mod files to the library list.

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That made it happy. Thanks!