[SOLVED] Could not use OpenGL falling back to software rendering


I have install KiCAD 7.0 on a virtual windows machine and I have the below information message that I would like to remove (this perfectly fine I was not expecting something else with a virtual machine, but I have this message each time I am opening a kiCAD window):
“Could not use OpenGL, falling back to software rendering”

This should set it for you . . .


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But software rendering is a severe slowdown. So the question remains why OpenGL does not work in your VM.

It is not uncommon for VMs to fail at OpenGL. Even the Microsoft Hyper-V VMs don’t support OpenGL beyond the ancient OpenGL 1.1, meanwhile we need a newer OpenGL that isn’t 25 years old.

Thanks for the tip, it seems to work (I have not seen the message)
Then I support other message on OpenGL obsolescence

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