[SOLVED] Clearances Set to Zero, Strange DRC Green Block Appears

With all clearances set to 0, I get these large DRC green zones. The footprints all have zero clearances, also.

Oddly though, footprints dropped into the design directly don’t have this issue. The footprint on the left is imported from the schematic while the footprint on the right was directly added.

V5 ? V6 ? V7 ? Nightlies ? please give some info so we might be able to help . . . if you are using a version where this issue is a known bug there might be a later version where it has been fixed.

Thanks for replying.

Sorry! Released Version 7 but I know what is wrong.

I inadvertently changed all the front values/references from silkscreen to copper and made them invisible.


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: