[Solved] Can't place a via onto a copper filled zone

I have a copper-filled polygon (ground plane) on the underside of my board. I’m trying to place a via to connect from a track on the top to the ground plane underneath. It says “Via location violates DRC”. I’ve looked through the design rules, and can’t figure out which rule this violates. Is this a rule that can be changed? What should I do?
(I’m using KiCad version 6.0.2)

In KiCad “polygons”, created with “graphic polygon” tool, can’t be used for connected copper in that way. You should create a zone and you can attach it to the wanted net.

See also How to create a power plane (using zones).


eelik -
That solved the problem. THANKS! :slight_smile:

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The most current version is KiCad V6.0.5 at the moment. In general you should always update with bumps in the third digit. They are only bug fixes (and maybe very small changes) and updates should always be safe (KiCad V6.0.3 was an exception, it had a very serious bug and was removed within a few days after release).

You can find more about the changes on:

paulvdh -
Thanks for telling me about the new version. I will update.

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