[SOLVED] Can I get some help with a "Errors loading symbols" Error?

Whenever I start a schematic and go to place a part for the first time I get a pop up saying:

Errors loading symbols:
Error loading symbol library New_Library.
Library file ‘E:\KiCad\custom symbols\New_Library.kicad_sym’ not found.

And it’s right, there is no custom symbols folder, let alone a New_Library.kicad_sym in the non-existent folder.

How do I go about fixing this?

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You have probably added this library name at some time in the past (maybe an experiment?) to either your global library table or one of the projects.
It should be listed in the menu under Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries.
So select the right tab page (Global or Project specific) then select the line with that library name and click on the garbage bin to delete that library entry from the library table.


Thank you very much, that was indeed the problem and the fix!

Sincerely appreciated!


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