[Solved] Can arcs as of new only start/end on multiples of 45°?

Before unnecessarily filing a bug:

Were there any recent changes to arcs so that arcs can only start/end at multiples of 45° ?
Here’s what happens, recent nightly:

Shift + spacebar :slight_smile: …xxxx


Works! It’s a miracle! :upside_down_face:


Here’s another miracle:

Preferences > PCB Editor > Editing Options > Constrain Actions to H, V, 45° (untick selection box) :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. There is a similar selection box in the Footprint Editor.

Sure. IIRC this did not affect arcs util recently.

On top: it is ticked off, but the arcs are still restricted to n*45°.

Now why are mine not restricted?

We are both writing about 7.0.7?


Ticked box replicates your original short video exactly.

Unticked allows free positioning for my arcs.

Nope, not at all . . .

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Yet another miracle! I finally noticed “nightly”, with a little help :smiley:

It seems as though @straubm needs to make a bug report.

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I’ll test 7.99 as soon as I’ve finished installing.

I lost 7.99 when I upgraded my OS a couple of weeks ago.

Scrap my last reply. Ticking the box on/off works as designed. No idea what I mixed up there.
Still you can override the restriction by ctr+space, which is ok, fine and convenient.
I’l go ahead an close the thread in an hour or so.

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Just downloaded 7.99. Thanks @straubm , your problem was a good incentive to make the effort to download 7.99. :smiley:

7.0.7 & 7.99 are both OK.

Probably (what is called in my country) a “Senior Moment”, ie, age related. Welcome to the club :rofl: