[SOLVED] AttributeError: partially initialized module 'wx' has no attribute '__version__'

Getting this error:


Plugins do not work now. The only change since things worked, I “upgraded” my OS from Kubuntu 21.10 to 22.04.

I have tried several methods to fix this, to no avail.


I have checked, there is only one version of wxWidgets installed that I can find.

Does anyone have any suggestions I can try?

What version of Ubuntu is the KiCad you have built for? You may have to upgrade to the version for 22.04.

Same thing happened to me going from Ubuntu 21.04 to 22.04 beta.

Had to uninstall KiCad, update apt lists files to point to the jammy repo, and then re-install.

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I’ll give that a whirl…

It appears that just uninstalling and immediately reinstalling with apt-get did the trick…


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