(Solved) - As of yet undefined CvPCB trouble

The AppData folder is set as invisible. You need to enable viewing of invisible files in your file browser.

Thanks, I have made that file visible now, & so found the the invisible file: “fp-lib-table”, but now the “paste” (after copy) is not highlighted, on this thread. There must be some other way to upload this file here?

You might not have a high enough trust level. (You are only a new user. Read a few topics and you should get promoted to basic user which lifts the restrictions on what and how much you can upload here.)

It’s a simple text file. You can just open it in any text editor, copy everything and paste it here as a normal answer.

Or you could upload it to any cloud storage and share the link here.

OK, thanks a lot, here is the file <fp.lib-table> saved as a word file, & the contents of this file are copied and pasted as below:- (the MAIN thread did not allow me to post this file, so I am sending it from here, I hope it goes thru’ this thread):-

  (lib (name Air_Coils_SML_NEOSID)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Air_Coils_SML_NEOSID.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Battery_Holders)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Battery_Holders.pretty)(options "")(descr "Batteries and battery holders"))
  (lib (name Buttons_Switches_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Buttons_Switches_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Buttons and switches, surface mount"))
  (lib (name Buttons_Switches_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Buttons_Switches_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Buttons and switches, through hole"))
  (lib (name Buzzers_Beepers)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Buzzers_Beepers.pretty)(options "")(descr "Audio signalling devices"))
  (lib (name Capacitors_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Capacitors_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Capacitors, surface mount"))
  (lib (name Capacitors_Tantalum_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Capacitors_Tantalum_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Tantalum capacitors, surface mount"))
  (lib (name Capacitors_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Capacitors_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Capacitors, through hole"))
  (lib (name Choke_Axial_ThroughHole)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Choke_Axial_ThroughHole.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Choke_Common-Mode_Wurth)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Choke_Common-Mode_Wurth.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Choke_Radial_ThroughHole)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Choke_Radial_ThroughHole.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Choke_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Choke_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Choke_Toroid_ThroughHole)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Choke_Toroid_ThroughHole.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Connectors_Harwin)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Harwin.pretty)(options "")(descr "Harwin connector footprints www.harwin.com"))
  (lib (name Connectors_Hirose)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Hirose.pretty)(options "")(descr "Hirose connector footprints www.hirose.com"))
  (lib (name Connectors_JAE)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_JAE.pretty)(options "")(descr "JAE connector footprints http://www.jae.com/jccom/en/connectors"))
  (lib (name Connectors_JST)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_JST.pretty)(options "")(descr "JST connector footprints www.jst.com"))
  (lib (name Connectors_Mini-Universal)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Mini-Universal.pretty)(options "")(descr Mate-N-Lok))
  (lib (name Connectors_Molex)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Molex.pretty)(options "")(descr "Molex connector foottprints www.molex.com"))
  (lib (name Connectors_Multicomp)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Multicomp.pretty)(options "")(descr "Multicomp connector footprints"))
  (lib (name Connectors_Phoenix)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Phoenix.pretty)(options "")(descr "Phoenix connector footprints"))
  (lib (name Connectors_Samtec)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Samtec.pretty)(options "")(descr "Samtec connector footprints"))
  (lib (name Connectors_TE-Connectivity)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_TE-Connectivity.pretty)(options "")(descr "TE Connectivity connector footprints www.te.com"))
  (lib (name Connectors_Terminal_Blocks)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_Terminal_Blocks.pretty)(options "")(descr "Terminal block connectors"))
  (lib (name Connectors_WAGO)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_WAGO.pretty)(options "")(descr "WAGO connector footprints www.wago.com"))
  (lib (name Connectors_USB)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors_USB.pretty)(options "")(descr "USB connector footprints"))
  (lib (name Connectors)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Connectors.pretty)(options "")(descr "Assorted connector footprints"))
  (lib (name Converters_DCDC_ACDC)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Converters_DCDC_ACDC.pretty)(options "")(descr "DC-DC and AC-DC convertor modules"))
  (lib (name Crystals)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Crystals.pretty)(options "")(descr "Crystals and oscillators"))
  (lib (name Diodes_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Diodes_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Diodes, surface mount"))
  (lib (name Diodes_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Diodes_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Diodes, through hole"))
  (lib (name Discret)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Discret.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Displays_7-Segment)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Displays_7-Segment.pretty)(options "")(descr "Seven segment displays"))
  (lib (name Displays)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Displays.pretty)(options "")(descr "Display modules"))
  (lib (name Divers)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Divers.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Enclosures)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Enclosures.pretty)(options "")(descr "Electronics enclosures and housings"))
  (lib (name EuroBoard_Outline)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/EuroBoard_Outline.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Fiducials)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Fiducials.pretty)(options "")(descr "Fiducial markings"))
  (lib (name Filters_HF_Coils_NEOSID)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Filters_HF_Coils_NEOSID.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Fuse_Holders_and_Fuses)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Fuse_Holders_and_Fuses.pretty)(options "")(descr "Fuses and fuse holders"))
  (lib (name Hall-Effect_Transducers_LEM)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Hall-Effect_Transducers_LEM.pretty)(options "")(descr "LEM hall effect transducers"))
  (lib (name Heatsinks)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Heatsinks.pretty)(options "")(descr "Heatsinks and thermal products"))
  (lib (name Housings_BGA)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_BGA.pretty)(options "")(descr "Ball Grid Array (BGA)"))
  (lib (name Housings_CSP)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_CSP.pretty)(options "")(descr "Chip Scale Packages (CSP)"))
  (lib (name Housings_DFN_QFN)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_DFN_QFN.pretty)(options "")(descr "Surface mount IC packages, DFN / LGA / QFN"))
  (lib (name Housings_DIP)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_DIP.pretty)(options "")(descr "Through hole IC packages, DIP"))
  (lib (name Housings_LCC)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_LCC.pretty)(options "")(descr "Leaded Chip Carriers (LCC)"))
  (lib (name Housings_LGA)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_LGA.pretty)(options "")(descr "Land Grid Array (LGA)"))
  (lib (name Housings_PGA)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_PGA.pretty)(options "")(descr "Pin Grid Array (PGA)"))
  (lib (name Housings_QFP)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_QFP.pretty)(options "")(descr "Quad Flat Package (QFP)"))
  (lib (name Housings_SIP)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_SIP.pretty)(options "")(descr "Single Inline Package (SIP)"))
  (lib (name Housings_SOIC)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_SOIC.pretty)(options "")(descr "Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC)"))
  (lib (name Housings_SON)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_SON.pretty)(options "")(descr "Small Outline No-Lead (SON)"))
  (lib (name Housings_SSOP)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Housings_SSOP.pretty)(options "")(descr "SSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, QSOP, VSO packages"))
  (lib (name Inductors_NEOSID)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Inductors_NEOSID.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Inductors)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Inductors.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Inductors_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Inductors_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Inductors, surface mount"))
  (lib (name Inductors_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Inductors_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Inductors, through hole"))
  (lib (name IR-DirectFETs)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/IR-DirectFETs.pretty)(options "")(descr "DirectFet packets from International Rectifier"))
  (lib (name Labels)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Labels.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name LEDs)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/LEDs.pretty)(options "")(descr "Light emitting diodes (LEDs)"))
  (lib (name Measurement_Points)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Measurement_Points.pretty)(options "")(descr "Terminals for test equipment"))
  (lib (name Measurement_Scales)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Measurement_Scales.pretty)(options "")(descr "Measurement scales and gauges"))
  (lib (name Mechanical_Sockets)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Mechanical_Sockets.pretty)(options "")(descr "Sockets for board to board connection"))
  (lib (name Microwave)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Microwave.pretty)(options "")(descr Microwave))
  (lib (name Modules)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Modules.pretty)(options "")(descr "Board-level devices integrating system functionality into a single module"))
  (lib (name Mounting_Holes)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Mounting_Holes.pretty)(options "")(descr "Mechanical fasteners"))
  (lib (name NF-Transformers_ETAL)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/NF-Transformers_ETAL.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be deleted"))
  (lib (name Oddities)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Oddities.pretty)(options "")(descr "Assorted footprints. Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Opto-Devices)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Opto-Devices.pretty)(options "")(descr "Optocouplers, light sensors, and other optical devices"))
  (lib (name Oscillators)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Oscillators.pretty)(options "")(descr "Precicision oscillator modules"))
  (lib (name PFF_PSF_PSS_Leadforms)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/PFF_PSF_PSS_Leadforms.pretty)(options "")(descr "Allegro leadform packages"))
  (lib (name Pin_Headers)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Pin_Headers.pretty)(options "")(descr "Male pin headers"))
  (lib (name Potentiometers)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Potentiometers.pretty)(options "")(descr "Potentiometers / variable resistors"))
  (lib (name Power_Integrations)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Power_Integrations.pretty)(options "")(descr "Power Integrations footprints"))
  (lib (name Relays_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Relays_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Through hole relay packages"))
  (lib (name Resistors_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Resistors_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Resistors, surface mount"))
  (lib (name Resistors_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Resistors_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Resistors, through hole"))
  (lib (name Resistors_Universal)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Resistors_Universal.pretty)(options "")(descr Experimental))
  (lib (name RF_Modules)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/RF_Modules.pretty)(options "")(descr "Radio-frequency / wireless modules"))
  (lib (name Shielding_Cabinets)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Shielding_Cabinets.pretty)(options "")(descr "RF / EMI shields"))
  (lib (name SMD_Packages)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/SMD_Packages.pretty)(options "")(descr "Various SMD packages. Read only - footprints will be moved to other libraries"))
  (lib (name Sockets_MOLEX_KK-System)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Sockets_MOLEX_KK-System.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Socket_Strips)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Socket_Strips.pretty)(options "")(descr "Female socket strips"))
  (lib (name Sockets)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Sockets.pretty)(options "")(descr "IC sockets"))
  (lib (name Symbols)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Symbols.pretty)(options "")(descr "PCB symbols"))
  (lib (name TO_SOT_Packages_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/TO_SOT_Packages_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Surface mount transistor packages"))
  (lib (name TO_SOT_Packages_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/TO_SOT_Packages_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Through hole transistor packages"))
  (lib (name Transformers_CHK)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Transformers_CHK.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Transformers_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Transformers_SMD.pretty)(options "")(descr "Surface mount transformers"))
  (lib (name Transformers_SMPS_ThroughHole)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Transformers_SMPS_ThroughHole.pretty)(options "")(descr "Deprecated - will be removed"))
  (lib (name Transformers_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Transformers_THT.pretty)(options "")(descr "Through hole transformers"))
  (lib (name Transistors_OldSowjetAera)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Transistors_OldSowjetAera.pretty)(options "")(descr "Sowjet transistors"))
  (lib (name Valves)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Valves.pretty)(options "")(descr Valves))
  (lib (name Varistors)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Varistors.pretty)(options "")(descr Varistors))
  (lib (name Wire_Connections_Bridges)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Wire_Connections_Bridges.pretty)(options "")(descr "PCB bridging points"))
  (lib (name Wire_Pads)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Wire_Pads.pretty)(options "")(descr "Direct wire-to-board connection points"))

As (last), you wanted to see the “fp-lib-table” file in the other thread (as this file is on my computer) under the heading like: “cvpcb trouble not solved…*” -(whatever that heading is?),…but the kicad forum did not allow me to send it to you via that thread, so I am sending it here. So this file is not related to (“how to copy/paste between schematics…”), but is related to (“cvpcb hanging problem…”) - due to perhaps my bloated local library, or a wrong location of the library path…?

Did you see the 3rd post from the top from @Rene_Poschl with this link in there?

Instead of:
9. Click browse and select a new folder e.g. “c:\kicad\footprints” (create folder if it does not exist)

9. Click browse and select a new folder e.g. “E:\kicad\footprints” (create folder if it does not exist)

All other steps are fine.

Thanks, I have seen the steps in <bobc/kicad-doc>. Now I think I should first get a little basic understanding about this setup;

  1. My fp_lib_table shows like: …[. (uri ${KIGITHUB}/ ], Does this “${KIGITHUB” indicates that the footprint will be searched only from the net? Or, what else this table told you?
  2. & These 9 steps will put the library into my “E: drive”, so that the search will now become local, and therefore faster? Which means cvpcb hanging will be cured for good? -…WoW…!!


Yes they will be local. If it gets faster remains to be seen but in general it should be at least a bit faster. Also i think its 20 or so steps not 9

If this was the source of the problem. If this does not cure the problem something else is wrong.

Thanks a lot Sir,
(I should have followed this before, but because some others expressed doubts, so I could not get the courage to go thru’ those long 22 steps)
BUT, that 9 th. step enabled me to remember to create a new “footprint” folder in my E: drive, & after following the rest of the 22 steps, I successfully downloaded the libraries in that new folder.

& now, for the 1st time, in my history of using KiCad, the net-list generation time, was reduced from 5 minutes to 3 seconds…only…!!..WoW.…!!..- …:smile:

(I think, the: “As of yet undefined CvPCB trouble” heading here, can perhaps be modified now?)

(NOTE: I think, the internet speed & density of users in an area, could be taken into consideration, in such KiCad, net related problems. In high net-speed areas, or such countries, the ‘net-list’ may be generated as fast from the net, as it is from the local drive. But in my kind of area, the time difference may be very large, at least, that is what I think, I have seen today)

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Feel free to do so, it’s you thread :wink:
Just edit the first post at the top, you will be able to edit the title with that one.

@explore is a Basic user, can he modify the title? I can never remember the details of each levels rights.
(Hint to Navin, read some more topics and generate some relevant forum activity to get promoted)

I have no idea, but it’s his thread, so should be no issue. If it is he can always PM us what he want’s. :blush:

Ok, I will try the edit. I have checked “cvpcb” several times, & every time the net-list generation is now very fast, in a just a few seconds. I will give it two or three days more of field tests (like I do for my circuits), before I can safely write: “Tested OK” at my end, and then add (solved) here to this heading.
Thanks again, to all who helped me. (Adding and changing components and footprints, has now become fun. I told some youngsters: “come here,… I will show you a more enjoyable & creative video game, - it is called KiCad…!”).

Circuit simulators are an even more enjoyable video game for engineers. At the teen (or sometimes even pre-teen) years the kids can actually use some of these very serious and powerful tools to do fun projects with audio, remote controls, etc. They can learn to appreciate the power of the tools without truly grasping the theory behind the tool, or the things it designs - that can come later.


I have one kind of simulator - “circuit wizard” on my computer. But, I myself have never used it. As from ancient times, I was testing circuits on Bakelite boards with eye-lets inserted on it,…till the bread-boards became available in my area. Can you suggest a more interesting simulator to recommend to a technical minded youngster?

Probably the de-facto standard circuit simulator for hobbyists and freelancers (as well as many small and medium commercial organizations) is the no-charge “LTSpice” from Linear Technology. See http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/#LTspice

By its nature, this tool does not have extensive official documentation. The best support is the Yahoo “LTSpice” user’s group. There are several tutorials on the web created by various university instructors for their students, and by other professional and semi-professional users. I have heard that there is also a commercial book about LTSpice. You can find many of these resources in the “Files” and “Links” section of the Yahoo group.

While LTSpice can be effectively used by untrained hobbyists, beginners, or the simply curious, it is not directed toward them. It includes a few simple example circuits that could be used as teaching tools but you really need a little outside guidance if you are totally inexperienced with electronic circuits.