[SOLVED] (Almost) identical devices with identical symbols BUT different datasheets

I’d like to contribute a symbols for a bus switch.
The device exists in several slightly distinct variants (similar to a LDO having different
voltages but all sharing the same package) BUT this time we have a different
datasheet for each variant.

Please see:

As I cannot specify a different datasheet in a derived device I’d like to know:
What’s the best (or correct) approach to provide the devices?

Hmm? I just looked the entries for BC817 and derived BC847 (which I looked at for another question) and they have distinct datasheets. This is in v7.

Yep to retiredfeline.
No problem in having different DS links in derived devices.


Hi @F_W , the above link can be found in the Kicad EDA:
Kicad > Help > About Kicad > Official Kicad library repositories.

My bad… just noticed the original datasheet line disappear and didn’t try to enter the properties dialog. I shouldn’t create new symbols after midnight I guess :slight_smile:

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