[SOLVED] Allow multiple connections to a pad



As a lot of modern CAD systems do, kicad doesn’t automatically allow you to connect more than one route of a track to a pad, it automatically deletes the previous route when you change it. That’s all well and good most of the time, but when you are trying to send three spurs of a power track into a capacitor this is annoying.

On Altium you can switch this off by going into one of its plethora of menus when you need to attach more than one spur to a pad. I am assuming you must be able to do this in kicad but I can’t see how.

Would some advise please?

Thanks :slight_smile:



Hi Rob

In Pcbnew, look for the button in the left hand toolbar that has a U-shaped track and a straight track with a cross through the latter. Clicking this should toggle the old track delete function.




Thanks folks, that’s done the trick. Much appreciated.

It must have changed since my older version of kicad, but I found the button once I knew what I was basically looking for.